DIY Universal R-410A Central Split Air Conditioner & Heat Pump

This is the future of HVAC with its new Ultra-Heat Inverter Unitary Condensing Unit and Air Handler. This unit provides superb comfort while running at an extremely quiet dB, rapid cooling and heating and maximum savings while running on end. This unit can be installed almost painlessly because of its pre-charged No-Vac Quick Connect line set that essentially plugs into the system making it the perfect DIY split system.

Universal® High-ESP Air Handler

The NEW Universal® High-ESP Air Handler has been designed for use in high static pressure applications such as in systems with ductwork restrictions that could place a strain on a conventional air handler not rated for high external static pressure.

This air handler is equipped with a powerful and efficient DC fan motor designed for quiet operation while still providing dynamic performance. Of course, it will still match superbly with a Universal® condenser in a traditional central air conditioning and heating system.

How to install Mr Cool Universal Heat Pump: A/C and Heat Solution

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MRCOOL® DIY Universal Central Ducted?

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Features and Benefits

Much Quieter

For every 10 Decibels (dBa) a sound is twice as loud – making the Universal® at 55 dB(a) less than half as loud as a conventional condenser at 73 dB(a).

Slim Design

Side discharge design takes less than half the area of conventional condensers.  Perfect for city lots and between building applications where access is limited.

Versatile Installation

The Universal® has Flare, Flare-to-Weld or No-Vac® Quick Connect® line set options and Multi-Position Air Handler Installation (Upflow, Horizontal).

All-Climate Performance

Heating‡: 100% Capacity at -5°F and 78% Capacity at -22°F*
Cooling‡: 100% Capacity at 115°F and 78% Capacity at 130°F*

Universal Thermostat

Compatible with any third party thermostat including NEST®
OR optimize your system with our feature-rich smart-app Universal®Thermostat

Reliable Comfort

The Universal® DC Inverter moderates operating load, heating & cooling with less fluctuation for more comfortable climate control, extending component life for fewer breakdowns

Side Discharge

No clogging / less space. The Universal® takes half the area and, unlike conventional condensers, doesn’t fill up with leaves, snow and debris.

Versatile Application

Replaces larger / louder condensers where sound / space limitations apply, and exceeds conventional heat pump performance ranges for All-Climate applications with optimal coverage from 1000 sqft to 2500 sqft.

Gold Fin® Condenser

Corrosion resistant. Live on the coast? Don’t worry, our condenser is built to resist long term corrosion.

Energy Efficient

Up to 20 Seer. The Universal® DC Inverter moderates operating load, increasing efficiency for lower operating costs.